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Whether you are ready to install the HVAC system in a new home or have decided it’s time to update or replace your current air conditioning equipment, professional AC installation is important. Working with your trusted HVAC service during air conditioning installation in Orlando, FL, is a fast, easy, and convenient process that ensures your new cooling system is installed correctly so you can enjoy maximum comfort and energy savings right from the start. If you have questions or concerns about new air conditioner installation, your service expert will be happy to explain the process and address any questions you may have before installation begins.

Choosing Your New AC

Once you know you want to install a new cooling system, the first step is choosing a new AC. Using your current cooling system as a template is often the simplest way to select a new air conditioner, but it’s also important to consider factors such as new developments in cooling technology and the home cooling capacity you require. Regardless of the type of system you want to install, your AC service will help you determine the amount of cooling needed to keep your home comfortable so you can choose a cooling system capable of delivering efficient temperature control for maximum energy savings.

Scheduling AC Installation

In the vast majority of cases, new AC installation takes just a few hours. During this process, your AC service expert will remove the old unit and install the new one. Air conditioning installation requires more than simply connecting your new system to a power supply and any existing ductwork—during installation, your service expert will also test whether the system is working correctly and make sure all electrical connections and safety systems are functioning and in good repair. In some cases, your new AC system will also come with a new thermostat; when appropriate, your service expert will also install and test this new thermostat to provide you with greater energy savings and temperature or humidity control. Alternatively, if you’ve opted to update your home with a separate learning or wireless thermostat, your service expert will install your thermostat of choice and test it before he considers his job complete.

Maintenance Suggestions

Once your new air conditioner has been installed and tested, your service technician will report back to you on the system’s function and requirements. Because regular maintenance is the key to AC performance and longevity, he will go over the unit’s maintenance needs so you can stay on top of any tune-up and cleaning services. If you have questions about how to care for your new air conditioner between service visits or the best way to cool your home efficiently using your new system, your service technician will be happy to discuss his recommendations before his visit is concluded.

We are pleased to offer expert air conditioning installation in Orlando, FL; we carry a wide variety of systems and brands, including Rheem, Carrier, Lennox, Bryant, and Maytag. You can find out more about our AC maintenance, repair, and replacement solutions when you click through our website, or look through the articles on our blog for more answers to your home cooling questions and tips you can use every day to maximize home comfort.