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There are several common problems that can affect your AC system, impacting its ability to cool your home effectively and causing your energy bill to rise without an apparent reason. If you notice one or more signs that your AC may need repair in Orlando, contact your local HVAC professional as soon as possible—by addressing cooling issues quickly, your AC system will last longer and deliver better performance throughout the cooling season.

Poor Airflow

Your air conditioning system relies on efficient airflow to pull in air for cooling and move the air throughout your living space. When airflow suffers, your air conditioner will work harder to cool your home, increasing stress on the system and raising the risk of a breakdown. Poor airflow is also a common cause of frozen AC coils, which not only affect air conditioner efficiency, but also can cause water damage to your home. A lack of proper airflow may be due to one of many factors, including a dirty filter, damaged or dirty ducts, and blocked air registers. Dirty or clogged filters are by far the most common cause of poor airflow; you can eliminate this factor by changing your filter regularly to ensure your air conditioner has adequate airflow. Your HVAC professional can perform a duct inspection to alert you to issues that may need attention, while taking steps to ensure your air registers aren’t blocked by curtains, furnishings, or other items. This will help your air conditioner cool every room of your home more effectively.

Dirty Conditions

Over time, your air conditioning system accumulates dirt and dust as it works. Both the indoor and outdoor components of this system are at risk, and need regular cleaning to prevent dirt buildup from causing damage. Not only will a dirty AC system strain harder to cool your home, it is also more likely to experience a technical or electrical failure that brings cooling to a halt entirely. Over time, a dirty system will also suffer a decrease in its overall longevity, which in turn increases the likelihood that you will need to replace your system prematurely. In addition to changing your filter regularly, you should also schedule biannual professional HVAC preventative maintenances. This service includes a full cleaning and inspection of your system to remove dirt buildup and lower the risk of AC problems associated with dirt and dust.

Do you need AC repair in Orlando? Our experienced professionals offer the right solutions for your needs, including thermostat upgrades, HVAC repair and replacement, and indoor air quality products. You can explore our full range of HVAC and plumbing services near you on our website, or find the latest in home comfort and conservation tips when you read through our blog.