When Is It Time to Call Your Emergency Plumber?

While small plumbing problems can often be handled on your own or during normal business hours, plumbing emergencies require immediate attention. Knowing when to call your emergency plumber in Orlando, FL, will help you take charge of serious plumbing problems, circumventing the major damage and stress they can cause. Quick thinking and the experienced help of your plumber can minimize the impact of even significant plumbing problems on your daily life and your home.


Major leaks are one of the most common causes of emergency plumbing repairs. The ability to identify the difference between a leak that needs immediate attention and an issue that can wait will help you reduce the stress associated with leaks. A leak coming from a faucet or appliance can often be handled temporarily by closing the water shutoff valve located on the wall near the plumbing hookup. As long as you don’t require the fixture or plumbing appliance immediately, once you have shut off the water, you can plan to call your plumber for help during normal business hours. However, a major leak in a pipe that requires you to shut off your home’s water main or a leak that affects a fixture you absolutely need in your home should warrant a call to your emergency plumber for immediate help.

Clogs and Backups

Clogs and backups are another plumbing problem that require the help of a certified plumbing professional. A minor clog or slow drain is typically a matter for a plumbing service call during regular business hours, but a clog or backup that leads to flooding or exposes your home to raw sewage or untreated wastewater should prompt a call to your emergency plumber. When a clog affects your home’s sewer line, you will be unable to flush water down any plumbing pipe without causing a backup; in addition to the water damage they cause to your property, sewage and wastewater backups can also pose a health and safety risk for your family. Thus, a sewer line clog or a clog that affects your daily routine, particularly if your home has only one bathroom, should be treated as a plumbing emergency, rather than a normal service call.

Frozen Pipes

Orlando typically experiences mild winter weather, with temperatures far above freezing. However, the warm-weather design of your home and your plumbing can put your pipes at risk for freezing when cold snaps do occur. Uninsulated pipes located outside your home or in unconditioned spaces, such as a garage or attic, may freeze during unexpected cold weather. If the water inside a pipe does freeze, it can expand and cause the pipe to burst, causing major flooding and water damage. A pipe that has frozen will appear clogged, failing to deliver more than a small amount of water when the tap is opened. If you suspect you have a frozen pipe in your home, shut off your water main and call your plumber for emergency service.

We understand that emergency plumbing problems require the help of an emergency plumber in Orlando, FL. You can find out more about ARS/Rescue Rooter’s comprehensive plumbing solutions, including 24-hour service, new appliance installation, and plumbing repair and maintenance, when you visit our main website. We also invite you to take a look through our plumbing and HVAC blog for additional tips on handing issues and best practices for effective home maintenance.

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